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30-plus-year career in bringing characters and environments to life with art, animation, music, and sound


LAUREATE LEARNING SYSTEMS, Inc., Winooski, VT     February 1983 - August 2014
Educational software firm that produces learning tools for special-needs children and adults with a wide range of functioning levels.

Computer Artist / Character Animator / Music Composer

  • Enhanced quality of final animations produced by peers (“Phil’s sense of timing and motion is on the
         highest level,” says Linda Smith, Art Director at LLS, Inc.)

  • Collaborated with curriculum designer on creation of the Language Activities of Daily Living series; used
    deep expertise in lighting to ensure program was inviting and upbeat to teach users about daily activities

  • Transitioned from contractor to fulltime in ’93; credited for composing musical pieces that were
       “integral component[s] of many of our software programs,” says Bernard Fox, Co-Owner of LLS, Inc.

  • Re-rendered Blob animations for firm’s first four iPad apps; led process for First Words and First
    Words II; created title screens and icons for QuestionQuest I and QuestionQuest IIapps

  • Led end-to-end animation, visual development, music composition, and game design for Creature  
          Chorus, which allows users to learn via single-switch, mouse, or touchscreen-sensitive technologies

  • Developed 3D scenes for First Categories; explored layering scenarios to ensure seamless interactions
          between computer-generated (CGI) moving and whirling 3D wooden blocks and 2D images

  • Elevated internal expectations in animations for children with special needs by emphasizing how the quality of sound and visuals matter to learning concepts; results included various firm-wide awards>

  • Overcame and instead used otherwise major constraints such as little time and space with which to reinforce correct responses in First Words (e.g., “Blob” jumps and gets stuck at the top of the screen)

  • Animated longer-form pieces such as “Blob” character elevator ad for 2005 American Speech-
      Language-Hearing Association event; built balloon models with gradient transparency (see :32 of reel)

  • Created 3D model of “Blob mobile” for the introduction of First Words by self-learning the then
    clunky yet emerging 3D-printer technology

  • Drew action-oriented figures such as in :12 in video reel that conformed to the physics behind body
      moves and weight distribution

  • Made animations captivating despite low budgets and barebones technology via sound and visuals;
         engaged autistic children who have a hard time focusing

  • Built rapport with programmers by infusing humor into unexpected places (see Following Directions)


    INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR                                                                       June 1979 - Present

    Rhythm Guitarist / Music Composer / Producer
    THE DOG CATCHERS (See: The Dog Catchers Band YouTube channel)
    A blues rock band that has played throughout Vermont since 1989.

    Guitarist / Bassist / Keyboardist
    A reggae band that has performed gigs throughout Vermont since 2004.

    Music Composer                                                                                                 



    SHAKER MOUNTAIN SCHOOL – Focus on Music, Art, and Skiing Burlington, VT                 1979

  • Middle to high school level school with an arts emphasis; student self-governance was the centerpiece of
         all decision-making including budgetary and curriculum priorities

    ADDITIONAL DATA         

    • Software Skills: Peak Pro Version 6.1.1, LightWave 10.1, Flash CS6 12, Adobe Photoshop CS5 12.1 and 5, Director MX Version 9, Adobe Premiere Elements 11
    • Interests: Enjoyment of the outdoors including biking and ice skating with my daughter, boating on Lake Champlain, and hiking and backcountry skiing with my dog. Working on our horse farm in Vermont. Songwriting, recording and playing the guitar, keyboards, ukulele, bouzouki, veena, drums, bass, and homemade gourd dobro. Sketching ideas. Traveling.